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How It Started

The concept for this resource came about in 2012 over an email discussion between Rob Monk and Louise Peat who had similar ideas regarding increasing fibre content in soft bill diets. Both individuals realized their opinions had been greatly influenced by the work done on nutrition of toucans by Laura Gardner.

Frustrated by the lack of information regarding avian nutrition, a plan was formulated to create a sister resource to the existing Avian Rearing Resource and Laura Gardner was invited to join the team. Work then began to compile as much information on the subject to enable bird keepers easier access to information and resources to help them better understand the subject and potentially inspire keepers to develop and even evolve this very important chapter of avian husbandry.

Louise Peat - Animal Registrar, Cotswold Wildlife Park

Worked in several UK collections since 1985, initially as an animal keeper, but more recently as a Registrar. EAZA studbook keeper for red-crested turaco. Main experience is with turacos, pigeons and pheasants, but has a diverse interest in all things feathered.

Rob Monk - Private Aviculturist

Now retired, worked for the Veterinary Investigation Service/Veterinary Laboratory Agencies for 25 years as a Microbiologist/Parasitologist, with a particular interest in avian pathology. Then moved to a Veterinary Poultry/Gamebird Consultancy as Laboratory Manager. Rob finished his working days as Senior Microbiologist for his local County Council, dealing with Food, Water and Environment issues. Rob has kept and bred a variety of avian species over a 50 year period as an aviculturist.

Laura Gardner - Bird Collection Manager, ZSL

Advisor to the BIAZA Bird Working Group and International studbook co-ordinator for the Blue-crowned Laughingthrush, Laura has worked in Zoological collections since 1987. From Jersey, she worked as a volunteer at Jersey Zoo before moving to the UK. Laura has spent the last 23 years working with many bird species and is involved in research into the diet and management of Toucans.

Resource Information Compilers

Many thanks to all the following willing victims/volunteers who have helped to compile some of the information in the resource.

Samantha Lympany

Amelia Coe

Ray Harrington

Georgie Jefferies

Gary Bralsford

Claire Ingram

Calum O'Flaherty

Resource Advisors

Andy Beer

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