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Crested Pigeon

Ocyphaps lophotes

Columbiformes - Columbidae - Pigeons & Doves

Crested Pigeon - Crested Pigeon

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Crested Pigeon - Crested Pigeon

Wild diet: Diet includes; herb and tree (usually acacia) seeds, cultivated cereal grain, green vegetation and weeds, bulbs and small invertebrates. A study looking into food volume found the diet consisted of 85.5% seeds, 13.5% green leaf and 0.7% insects. In seasons of drought the pigeons mainly feed on Echium lycopsis; an introduced plant species, whereas in seasons of high rainfall the pigeons rely on abundant herbage.

Feeding strategy: Feeds in the evening, exclusively foraging on the ground.

Wild weight ranges: 150 - 250g


Wild data

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Captive data information

Examples of diets in use

There are no diets in use yet for the Crested Pigeon.

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