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Crowned Pigeons General Information


Columbiformes - Columbidae - Pigeons & Doves

Crowned Pigeons General Information - Crowned Pigeon

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Crowned Pigeons General Information - Crowned Pigeon

Wild diet: Primarily Frugivorous, feeding mainly on fallen fruits, berries and seeds on the forest floor.

Feeding strategy: Foraging on the forest floor in small parties; 2-10 birds (Western Crowned Pigeon, G. cristata), 3-7 birds (Southern Crowned Pigeon, G. scheepmakeri) although in some cases group sizes of 10 - 30 have been observed, 2-10 birds (Victoria Crowned Pigeon, G. victoria).

Species dietary differences: The Western Crowned Pigeon is known for consuming grubs and insects found on and within the forest floor. The southern crowned pigeon has been observed foraging along muddy riverbanks feeding on small crabs. Figs have proved to be a preference in captive populations of the Vicotria Crowned Pigeon.

Wild weight ranges: Western Crowned pigeon: 1800- 2400g, Southern Crowned Pigeon: 2000- 2235g, Victoria Crowned Pigeon:2384g


Wild data

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