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Sustaining the longevity of captive bird populations is essential if we wish to maintain the current variety of species in captivity. It is imperative that aviculturists collaborate to share knowledge and experience in all aspects of avian husbandry.

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Avian nutrition is a vital chapter of modern day aviculture but for the majority of avian species there is very little scientific research available.

What we put into our birds has a direct effect on their health and productivity, although the majority of species can survive and breed on diets which do not necessarily provide all the nutritional requirements to cater fully for their needs. Long term consequences of inappropriately balanced diets could cause health issues in individuals, their offspring or indeed, over generations, captive populations.

This website was designed as a resource for all aviculturists to utilize; the information contained within this website may not have been scientifically proven, but is compiled here to give individuals an informed view from other people's knowledge and experiences. It is hoped that over time and with everyone's input it will become a comprehensive and invaluable resource to help advance our knowledge of avian nutrition.


Avian Rearing Resource

Avian Rearing ResourceHand rearing is one area of husbandry which should be viewed as a tool to help towards the management of captive bird populations. For further details and species protocols visit our sister website Avian Rearing Resource.

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