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Dromaius novaehollandiae

Casuariiformes - Dromaiidae

Emu - Adult

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Emu - Adult

Wild diet: Mainly plants including acacia, Casuarinaceae, and grasses (Poaceae). In summer they consume more insect species including caterpillars, grasshoppers and beetles. Shrubs form the majority of the diet September to March and annuals April to August. They drink large quantities of water.

Feeding strategy: They reduce food consumption from 1.5kg to 0.45kg per day during breeding season. They also exhibit coprophagy which is believed to counteract dehydration. Adults usually drink once a day in winter, twice in summer. Chicks need to drink daily. They swallow up to 46g of stones which are stored in the gizzard.

Wild weight ranges: 30-55kg

Captive data information

Examples of diets in use

There are no diets in use yet for the Emu.

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